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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Human Resources Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ #2) on Human Resources Development
Program Transition

By H. Martin Lancaster

Accompanying this message, you will find a list of additional questions with responses on the HRD Program transition. The list contains those questions that arose during or since the July 23rd HRD Transition Information Session held on the NCIH, that were not previously addressed in the printed materials mailed to colleges ( All transition planning takes into account the 42% reduction in HRD funding for the 2001- 2002 program year, which we are instructed to act in accordance with given that the budget cut is contained in the Governor’s, Senate, and House budget proposals. As has been indicated previously, colleges must in turn plan, staff and operate their programs taking into account a 42% cut of their previous year allocation, and the policy changes made to the Human Resources Development program at the July meeting of the State Board of Community Colleges. Please continue to relay your questions to us. We are striving to be as responsive as possible, and to assist colleges during this transition period so as to maximize instruction and services. SR/BB/sthEnclosure
Email Copy
c: H. Martin Lancaster
Steve Scott
Kennon Briggs
(FAQ #2 – August 15, 2001**)

Human Resources Development
Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Reorganization
1. Where can I get a videotape copy of NC Information Highway session held on
July 23, 2001 and will we receive the write-up from the discussion?
Answer: We did not record the session, so there are no tapes available for viewing. The information discussed during the NCIH session closely followed the handouts that were sent to colleges via e-mail. The handouts are on the NCCCS web site at: The questions/answers contained in this document represent those raised at the NC Information Highway session in addition to those e-mailed to the System Office.

2. When do we officially start using the fee waiver forms and the new HRD course codes?
Answer: The State Board, at their meeting on July 20, 2001, approved the fee waiver form and the new HRD course codes. During the Information Highway session, we stated that colleges should begin using the fee waiver form and the new HRD course codes for all courses beginning July 23, 2001. The curriculum content of the Employability Lab must address all six core components, as indicated in the course description on the Master Course List. The amount of time spent by a student on each component will vary depending upon the needs of the student.

3. What is the official date when HRD courses can generate budget FTE?
Answer: HRD courses initiated on or after July 1, 2001 are eligible to generate budget FTE. Please note that the HRD courses must be consistent with the course descriptions and hours as shown on the Master Course List.

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