Monday, June 24, 2013

Human Resource Management - 29

Question 1 Match the following
  • Replacement transfer: Replacement of a long-standing employee in the same job.
  • Shift transfer: Transfer of an employee from one shift to another.
  • Temporary Transfer: Due to ill health of employee in accident.
  • Permanent transfer: To avoid conflicts with superviser.

Question 2
On the basis of job elements and organizational demand, an appropriate ……………. Of job evaluation should be selected.
Ans. Method

Question 3 …………. Should reinforce positive behavior.
Ans. Feedback

Question 4 Match the following
  • Job Knowledge: Defined in Appraisal Form.
  • Communicating: Consider clarity and precision of verbal and written expression of ideas and feelings.
  • Decision Making: Ability to analyse relevant facts.
  • Professional Competence: Ability to consider the extent & depth of demonstrated technical & profession competence.

Question 5 Match the following
  • Plateaued Employee: the upward mobility stop for many employees.
  • Development Grade: Grade below the management cadre
  • Success formula: Job Responsibilities, Leadership Qualities, Relationship

Question 6 Important condition of Quality Circles.
  • Unconditional support
  • Prompt approval
  • Regular Communication

Question7 Component of quality control system:
  • A Standard
  • A means of measurement of accomplishment
  • Comparison of actual results with the standard along with feedback to form the basis for corrective action.

Question 8 Why do most companies prefer HRD audit?
Answers: To take stock of things and to improve HRD for expanding, diversifying, and entering into a fast growth phases.

Questions 9 Individual Interview are conducted normally for groups of four to eight individuals.
Answers: False

Question 10 In some cases, individual and group interview are substituted by………………. .
Answers: Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP)

Question 11 Kotter (1996) in his book Leading Change suggests that ‘creating’ crisis when times are good can effectively trigger people off on the right track.
Answers: True

Question12  Which benchmarking learning form organizations that are industry leaders in specific areas.
Answers: Functional Benchmarking

Question 13 Delery and Doty (1996) in a study of nearly ………… banks.
Answers: 200

Question 14 Taking up another part time job or business or industrial unit simultaneously with that of the original job is known as …………….
Answers: Moon-Lighting.

Question 15 Flexi time works better when the employee have
  • Self-determination
  • Commitment  
  • Self-discipline

Question 16 Employees feel frustrated due to various reasons.
  • Lack of Challenging
  • Lack of Interest
  • Routine Nature of work

Question 17 Match the following
·        To divert manufacturing activities from urban to rural areas: One of the roles of the consumer council.
·        The mechanism of price fixation: A much neglected sphere of the market.
·        There are not the days of individualism & unorganisation: Unionism
·        Knowledge of the subject hand work & a sincere approach: Requisites for consumerisms.
 Question 18 At Hewlett Packard , the …………….. direct resumes from applicants to a centralized employment response center.
Employment management system (EMS)

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