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Human Resource Management New Pattern - 28

Q1       The origin of strategy of war is applicable in the economic battlefield of business too. (T/F)

Q2       Strategy can be used for
   a- Business Priority management
   b- Business profit management
   c- Business performance management
   d- Business speed management

Q3       Purpose of business is met by
    a- systems
    b- Orders
    c- Customers
    d- Adjustment
Ans:- c
Q4       Surroundings in which organization operates including air, land, water, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interactions is known as
   a- Environment
   b- Environmental aspect
   c- Environment management system
   d- Environment objectives
Ans: a
Q5       EEP stands for Effort Estimation Process (T/F)
            Ans:- T
Q6       Plan, Execution, measure,Increment all together is called as PEMI (T/F)
            Ans:- F
 Q7      Categorization or defining what is quality and what is not is based on the purpose decided by
      a- Top management
      b- Middle level management
      c- Bottom management
      d- Water union leader
Ans:- a
Q8       Building quality into a product means
     a- Quality of design
     b- Quality of process
     c- Quality of people
     d- Quality of facts
Ans: b
Q9       Quality Linkage with business performance
     a- Depends on leadership
     b- Outcomes and investing in culture
     c- Meeting quality and values
     d- Measuring success of culture
Q10     while evaluating strategy, weighing, chances of success of strategy is best done
    a- By comparing the expected results with past performance
    b- By exploring the Information technology
    c- By using questions what it is? And identifying eventuality.
    d- By holding a meeting of senior managers to make sense of it.
Q11     Top management Karnataka Steel Ltd being concerned  about the
    a- welfare of workers
    b- salaries of workers
    c- safety of workers
    d- standard of workers
Ans: a, b, c
Q12     Networked organization
    a- is mostly found in the western world
    b- is the need of the current business situation?
    c- is based on total use of IT
    d- uses the relationship created by the top management as nature of business
Q13     Frequency of communication is a content of
a-      Plan
b-      Marketing
c-      Receptionist job
d-     Vertical communication
Q14     A strategy once defined needs to be --------- frequently
    a - Reviewed
    b- Changed
    c- Revisited
    d- Declared
Ans: c
Q15     Designing culture is
a- need for the multionals
b- need complicated process
c- Responsibility of HoD of the organization
d- Like designing your personality
Q16-Customer is
a-      One who pays for product and service
b-      An end user
c-      Internal
d-     Dealers and agent
Q17-Quality of organization means
a-       Quality of performance and  quality of others is achieved

     Ans: a
Q18     Quality is free, it is stated by-Phil Crosby
            Father of TQM-Dr Walt shewart
            Quality is not an act it is a habit-Aristotle
Q19     Two fundamental ways to carry out continual improvement
a-      keep on changing processes
b-      On going improvement  on process
c-      Revising of existing process
Q20     Measurement helps in increasing satisfaction level of customer (T/F).
     Ans- F
Q21     Cause and effect diagram is also known as Ichikawa diagram (T/F)
     Ans: T
Q22     work with and develop
 a- people at all level
 b- customers
 c- suppliers
 d- market processes
Q23     Each process area has components under three headings that is
a-      required
b-      expected
c-      informative
d-     instructive
Ans :a,b,c

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